We are passionate about wood, and the amazing foods and flavours which can be created with Fire & Smoke

The core purpose of Aromawood is to bring 'food grade firewood' to commercial and retail customers.  We are a small family business located on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. We carefully source wood varieties from across Australia and the world, based on the following attributes:


Those experienced with smoking and wood fired cooking understand that different wood varieties impart different flavours into your food.  Aromawood aim to provide a wide variety of wood types specifically selected for their desirable flavours.

Suitability for cooking

Not all wood burns in the same way!  Sustaining very high temperatures in a pizza oven is for example very different to the requirements of a low and slow cooker.  We understand that our timbers have different physical properties such as density, heat output and burning efficiency, and can suggest the right firewood for your cooking application.


We take the term 'food grade firewood' very seriously.  You are preparing food with our wood, so you need clean firewood, cut/split to the right size for your application.   You need the correct moisture content to ensure a clean burn every time, and it needs to be delivered and presented in a professional manner.  All our firewood is naturally seasoned to the perfect moisture content for cooking and smoking.  Nothing is kiln dried - including our imported American Oak and Hickory.


Wood is one of the very few truly renewable natural resources.  We place a very high value on sourcing only sustainable timber.  Our fruit & nut woods come from annual prunings or orchards which have reached the end of their commercial life, and normally would be heaped and burned.  Our Australian hardwoods are sourced from plantation timber or through our relationships with commercial arborists to utilise trees earmarked for removal.  Our American White Oak and Hickory are sourced from selected timber mills and a very carefully managed forestry in the Southern USA, with great care taken to ensure no chemicals are used to meet the biosecurity requirements of importing timber products into Australia.

"Aromawood was founded out of passion for cooking with fire and smoke, and a genuine appreciation for  the diversity of our natural timber resources. Australia is a country where barbecuing is considered a national pastime, however only recently are many of us realising there is much more to barbecue than sausages on a gas hotplate! After sampling amazing barbecue styles at home and abroad, I want to make wood fired cooking accessible to every Australian, and encourage people and businesses to share the enjoyment of preparing food with fire" Nick Dommenz; Owner & Managing Director